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According to LSA (Local Search Association) insights, “roughly 70% of the nearly $18 trillion US GDP is driven by consumer spending that occurs within 20 miles of home or work.”  People want to find goods and services that are in their area via business listings.  Often times they will use search engines like Google to find these products and services.  We have a team at WebPunch, whose sole responsibility is making sure you have the greatest market exposure for local searches, making sure that consumers in your area are finding your business listings online.  Once they find you, we can implement our suite of Review Services that will reassure them that you are a high quality company that deserves their business.


This service is of fundamental importance as it relates to other tools in our suite.  We rely on accurate business listings to show us which listing to target for positive review generation.  If the wrong listing has a great reputation in the form of numerous reviews and the correct one doesn’t, than you aren’t going to get the optimized results we are looking for.  When we monitor review sites to see what reviews have been posted about your company, our software will look to find the correct business listings that are in place.  If the listings aren’t accurate or incomplete, our software can’t monitor what’s being posted on your behalf.  If we can’t hear what’s being said about you, we can’t respond either.  Furthermore, if you wanted to login yourself to a directory to respond to a review, you would need to look at the Business Listings dashboard to obtain login information for the top 25 sites that we load you to.


Having accurate business listings is at the core of what we do but we also think that your listings need to be branded.  Most businesses work very hard to create their brand’s image.  Our team here at WebPunch will take that branding into the most important listings for your company.  Specifically, we will add beautiful photos that show the quality of the work you do.  Logos cover images and detailed business descriptions will offer consumers additional insight into the nature of your work.


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