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Sometimes good companies get negative reviews. If you’re an underperforming organization, chances are you have a lot of negative reviews already. People who have had a less-than-stellar brand experience are highly motivated to tell the world about how they think you’ve treated them. This is true with customers but also applies to employees who feel they have been slighted. These employees have the opportunity to tell prospective workers their experience on various websites that cater to employee reviews of a brand. Please understand that low-scoring online reviews can be incredibly damaging to your business’s reputation and also your bottom line. The solution?


Implement our automated Online Review software and see your online reputation grow, automatically. We know what you’re thinking what’s the catch and also where can I get some cool WebPunch swag? There is no catch, we integrate our sophisticated solution into your process and snap, just like that, you start getting glowing four and five star reviews on popular websites that will help reassure prospective clients and employees of the dependability and quality of your product, service and culture. And no, these aren’t fake online reviews being generated; they are bonafide, legitimate reviews coming from the voices and keyboards of your customers and workers.


Oh and we are working on getting our sweet WebPunch swag available to the masses. If you are just dying for a stylish t-shirt to impress your hipster friends, hit us up and we’ll demo our solution and spread some fashiony love.


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