online monitoring

online monitoring

After a customer has experienced your business, they may be reluctant to tell you to your face their concerns and frustrations about your brand. Online channels offer a sense of anonymity that frees these clients to express their true feelings to the buying public. Other times, your clients will offer blunt details in person to let you know they aren’t happy with how you treated them. Clients who have had a negative experience are more motivated to spread their concerns on reviews sites, which can damage your online reputation. The truth is, whether clients are saying positive or negative things about you, it’s of paramount importance that you as a business owner listen to them using online monitoring software.


The solution? WebPunch’s Online Monitoring software helps you get up to date alerts when anyone has posted a review about your brand. Furthermore, you can filter these reviews to identify trends, and see a comprehensive overview of your real–time online reputation.


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online monitoring

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