28 Nov How to Celebrate Your Customers [Infographic]

How to Celebrate Your Customers [Infographic]

Many businesses are finding more innovative ways to celebrate their customers. We surveyed about 1,000 men and women in the United States across three generations to find out how THEY feel businesses treated them in 2016.

Poor customer service is no longer an option if you want to soar past your competitors and keep your customers coming back. Happy (and angry) customers will talk so communicate and build relationships with your customers.

And the most recent statistics show customers are more willing to do repeat business if you treat them right! Did you know, for example, that 21% of customers are more likely to leave a bad review if they are unhappy? Or that close to 50% of milennials are most likely to refer your business if you exceed their expectations?


To learn more about how celebrating your customers can increase interaction with your brand, check out the infographic below from WebPunch. It breaks down 10 customer experience questions into four categories: celebrate your customers, poor customer service, making it difficult to do business, and philanthropy.


How to Celebrate Your Customers [Infographic]