June 2015

10 Jun Will Foursquare Forfeit to Google, Yelp and Facebook?

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When local business listings and social media come together, the result can be a real knockout.

  Foursquare has been one of the biggest contenders in this fight, using its local search and discovery service to carve a real niche in the marketplace. It has the ability to push notifications and advertising messages to a user depending on where they are physically located, using your smart phone’s internal GPS unit. For example, if you are walking by a Starbucks, Foursquare can sense your position and push out a notification inviting you to come and meet their new barista Jacob, who makes a mean pumpkin spice latte. This geo-specific form of advertising can be a great way to lure new customers who are passing by your business place while using the Foursquare app. Local geographically based advertising will be a big part of the future of advertising and is one of the strongest features that has up to this point, separated Foursquare from the pack.
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