October 2014

17 Oct Yext, Puppies & Money

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Yext, Puppies & Money
Who doesn’t like money (or puppies for that matter)?  As a business owner, I’d like to make more money by having more customers.  In order to get customers, a business must invest in marketing tools to reach their potential clients.  For many companies, one of the best strategies for getting more customers is to optimize their listings so that clients in their area can find them online.   The best example and most powerful local search engine is Google’s map section.  If you’re looking for a plumber or a pizza in your area, chances are you’ll find them on Google’s local listings (again, the map section).  Optimizing your local search engines will help you rank in local search results and will get you more business and money.  From there, you can buy puppies and your life will be awesome.
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